4chan is many things to many people. To Faux News, 4chan is a hazardous "Leftist Internet Hate Machine" filled with domestic terrorists. To others, it is that site full of weeaboos, trolls, and pedophiles that churns out many of the Internet's most popular viral content. 4chan and Anonymous are defenders of the Internets, and offenders of everything else but cats.

At its core, 4chan is an anonymous Japanimation-themed collection of image boards based on the popular Japanese site Futaba Channel. 4chan is proof positive that the United States should not have stopped with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but should have nuked the entire island of Japan off the face of the Earth. The site is home to a wide assortment of degenerate losers, all of whom have at least some variant of social anxiety disorder. So, not surprisingly, most of the imageboards consist of hentai and shock images.

A few popular Internet "memes" have their roots at 4chan. Also, many image macros are created there, such as the various Caturday pics. This has led to Anonymous declaring itself "the face of the Internet", when it is truly more reminiscent of the anus of the Internets. 4chan is like the buttplug of the Internet in that it holds all the shit inside the rectums so it doesn't spray out all over. When 4chan goes down, it's like the Internet has explosive diarrhea.


The seasoned Internet traveler might find himself debased when presented by the mass of confusion that is so well embodied in 4chan. It is the home of asocial, and at times anti-social, white folk who believe in the superiority of everything that is Japanese because 4chan users love anime almost as much as they love dick. It is divided into many sub-boards, each having its distinct theme for image posting to satisfy the deviant mind. Occasionally to stir up some fun, the mods place wordfilters in the boards to completely fuck around with peoples' posts/opinions. When it comes down to it, every board on 4chan is just /b/ with a theme. Everyone talks the same, complains the same, and trolls the same. Except the hentai boards, they're special. There are also a number of text boards, but nobody cares about them.
/3/ - The slowest board on 4chan, /3/ is about 3D animation (3DCG or something)where a bunch of basement-dwelling hobbyists discuss their projects. This board is currently being bent over and raped by /b/, because due to it being the slowest board, people go there for faggotry like combos, doubles, and predicting their post number.
/a/ - See /v/. /a/ is just /v/ for anime and churns out its own memes at a similar rate. They hate anime just like /v/ hates the vidya. No longer tame by any standard, it has become a hive of numberfaggotry and ronrey otaku seeking PROMOTIONS. The rate of sages is very high since it is full of faggots.
/adv/ - The shitty sequel to relationshit 9000, advice is a test board made by moot to attempt to subvert all the terrible bawww LJ threads off of /r9k/. This probably won't do much, other than divert all the trolls' attention to a different board, and /r9k/ will still suck anyways after the fact because it's /b/ with a robot.
/an/ - Board for posting animals and shit like that. These people take their hobby very seriously. You will learn things you never needed to know about cats, iguanas, and jumping spiders. As of last Thursday, this board has pretty much become a softcore version of /b/, except with lotsa animals. They refer to themselves as /an/ts because they couldn't come up with anything better.
/b/I wanna marry BAWKSY guis! THE BEST shit was SO cash DESU hay guise do i look hot requesting cp I'm 12 and what is this I don't even She EPIN /b/. If you want to lose all moral value and sanity, feel free to frequent /b/. Illnesses and sexual deviations like retardism and coprophilia have been scientifically proven to be symptoms of browsing /b/. They refer to themselves as /b/tards. They are also known for planning attacks on others using the internet, such as scientologists, Australia, and most recently Mastercard in a misguided attempt to avenge Julian Assange.
/c/ - A very tame board (compared to the rest) for nerds who prefer Japanese cartoons containing girls (and the term is used lightly) who look like four year olds with freakishly huge eyes. One of the four realms where women could plausibly exist on the Internet.
/cgl/ - Board full of tacos that partake in salsa. Images of people dressed as their favorite anime characters are posted here. A few of those people happen to be quite obese and they get severe muffin top when they attempt to dress up as Yoko.
/ck/ - Board for people who have an unhealthy obsession with all things edible. Expect weeaboos and ramen.
/cm/ - A board for animated cute males. A haven for Gaia/LJ fags and obese trailer trash. One of the four realms where women exist on the internet. Also a place where Shotacat might hang out. Call them h/cm/os.
/co/ - Contrary to what you may infer from the title, there's nothing but non-comics & cartoons threads here. It's populated mostly by furfags that find racism and misogyny terribly upsetting, to the point of reporting and removing your posts. Also, they can't stop sucking their own cocks. They refer to themselves as /co/mrades. /co/ is currently inhabited by a janitor who will delete any thread that could even slightly be about comics and/or cartoons.
/d/ - /d/icks, because EVERY FUCKING CREATURE IN THERE HAS A DICK!!!1 - Perhaps the hottest of all the cartoon boards on 4chan, /d/ is where they post images of hermaphroditic females with titanically oversized tits. It should be noted that those on this board find such things sexually attractive and fap away over the posted images. But at least they don't post furries! (Except in every single monster girl thread, which all descend into working out how "furry" a picture is and thus how faggy they are. They genuinely do not see the irony in this). These people can no longer piss in a straight line due to massive fappage.
/e/ - A specialized cartoon board where they post naked women without explicitly showing their reproductive organs (or PENISes). Wholly uninteresting, because it tends not to contain hilarious sexual fetishes or things blowing up. Additionally, there is a 50% chance that if you post an ecchi image in a new thread, the moderators will accuse you of trying to make a request, banning you from /e/ for "this iz not /r/!!!!!1111"
/f/ - Flash. This board doesn't suffer from as much faggotry as some boards due to the fact that most /b/tards have never fucking heard of it. Due to this fact, some good content has been posted on occasion, such as 8bitsharkwithwheels and flying lawnmower. Unfortunately, the rest of the content is shit already on Newgrounds, reposts of flash videos that were already posted on /f/, and unfunny black person shoops of said reposts, except worse. Furries also like to troll this place by posting yiffing flash videos to piss everyone off. On Mondays, people love to post vocaloids flash videos.
/fa/ - Fashion. If you're looking for hipster faggots, /fa/ is the place to find them. This board might make sense on a site that wasn't filled with overweight wapanese assholes with no fashion sense of which to speak. But sadly, this is 4chan we're talking about. Call them /fa/gs.
/fit/ - Health & Fitness. Made out of fatasses who think posting SQUATZ in every thread is funny. Seeing as nobody on /fit/ 4chan actually works out, the fail is doubled. The answer to every question is "SKWATZ N OATZ".
/fk/ - For Kids.
/g/ - A new addition full of folk lacking in life and substituting it with superficial techno-worship. It is evident to the observant electronic eye that no knowledgeable persons reside there. It used to be for guro images, but then 4chan went pussy. It is well known /g/ is filled with more sage and nerdrage than any other board. Call them /g/ - Tech Support for the Lulz. i will not
/gif/ - Board for posting animated GIFs of porno clips and saying "sauce" and "rapidshit" until someone goes out, finds you porn, and delivers it to you. Seriously, are you people that fucking devoted to being such utter basement-dwellers you can't just find your own porn, you have to get /gif/ to do it for you?
/h/ - Hentai board. You can almost smell the semen-stained keyboards.
/int/ International /b/, where trolls can troll in their own retarded language but, you will hard pressed to find anything not in english. BEWARE: moot is a filthy Jew and after the closure of /new/, installed a shit fuck of auto global ban filters on certain words to "curb racism". These words are: Jew, Jews, Jewish, Zionists (Yeah, I don't get it either), Nigger, /new/, Stormfront. Also, mentioning anything connecting to jews or even hinting to "racism" will result in a ban of random length. ENJOY UR FREEDOMS!
/hc/ - Hardcore. Porn. moot finally decided to let it die.
/hr/ - Board for High Res pics. Basically, pictures that are HUEG like Xbox.
/i/ - No, this is not an invasion board, but a board for drawing. Why moot didn't just choose a different letter for the board is anyone's guess. The "i" comes from Oekaki, which is the Wapanese word for "doodle" or "scribble". The board has a built in Java application for drawing pictures to upload and share, called Shi-Painter. Not a bad board, but slower than fucked fuck. Gets about a dozen or so posts per day.
/ic/ - Birkhead and drawhores.
/jp/ - A board made for the sole purpose of moving all the Touhou and Type-Moon, which used to make up about 85% of all the threads, outside of /a/, because they're actually off-topic. (In other words, /jp/ is /v/, except that you need to install East Asian languages and AppLocale to run anything.) Full of ronery otakus buying figurines, body pillows, and other stuff "normal" people would look down on you for possessing. Please don't think that /jp/ has anything to do with Japan. The name is misleading, and, if you go there expecting to talk about IRL Japan, you will be disappointed.
/k/ - Politics & Weapons. Most of the denizens of this board are young Ted Kaczynski's, who believe that "the gubmint is gonna take our guns n' put us all in FEMA camps." One of the most common topics discussed on /k/ is how to kill feds, niggers, and ZOG. The other inhabitants of /k/ are mostly Europeans and weeaboo tripfags who are there solely to troll the incredibly easily trolled /k/ommandos with gun control topics.
/lit/ here is your damn book board moot!Ep8pui8Vw2 ## Admin
/m/ - Board for talking about robots. Just robots.
/mu/ - Your favorite band sucks. If you've forgotten, /mu/ is happy to remind you. Made exclusively for discussing trv kvlt Black Metal, Daft Punk, and Neutral Milk Hotel. In other words, it's pretty much pitchfork.
/n/ - /n/igga stoled mah board. This is now a board for some gayshit like transportation (because everyone loves long and hard things like trains), and as of now it is being bent over and raped to death by the niggers at /b/ for some fucking reason.
/new/ - Niggers & Jews Bulldozed along with /r9k/.
/o/ - Board for cars. No one on this board actually owns a car. Regardless, most of the posters like Volvos, late 1980's Mustangs, Japanese economy cars, and Initial D.
/p/ - Board for cameras and photography. Full of pretentious wankery by weeaboos who take photographs when not fapping over lolicon. Whatever camera you use, they will claim that it sucks, unless it's a Pentax K-X.
/po/ Board for Origami and papercraft. It's been years since any normal person has actually given a shit about origami but, hey, it's Japanese so it must be cool! /po/ recently suffered an invasion led by many Jacks from /b/, insistent on turning /po/ into /i/.
/r/ - A mythical board where only few traverse. If, by some luck, you manage to find it, usually after you post a picture, in any thread (Posting pictures = Requests), you'll be no closer to finding the source of the picture, because /r/ is shit and never ever fucking works. Despite this, half of the fuckholes on 4chan will still sage your thread because YOU NEED TO POST 10 IMAGES OR ELSE ITS A REQUEST HURRRRR.
/rs/ - Rapidshares. Effectively replaced the now-defunct, which was run by Popcorn Mariachi.
/r9k/ AKA Robot9000 aka Arcanine - The main hangout of whiny faggots and liberals on 4chan. /r9k/ is the most popular of the trial boards added in early 2008 is gone now. Supposedly a random board, and has a bot that tries (unsuccessfully) to prevent reposts. Was initially supposed to be /b/ without reposts, which is something of an impossibility, since 99% of /b/ is reposts of reposts of reposts. It quickly degenerated into nothing but whiny relationship threads and pseudo-intellectualism, and was basically /b/ with a pretense of intelligence and no sense of humor. When /adv/ was split from it, the original proceeded to get even worse, and it was finally removed in early 2011.
/s/ - A place for preteen fanboys to yell NAME! SAUCE! MOAR! and fap to pr0n. The entire board consists of reposts of the same 500 images from the last two years. Not /r/.
/sci/ - Science and Math board. Most serious posters are Basement Dwelling Agnostic Atheists with Aspergers and an IQ in the low 120s. Flooded with religion and pseudo-science threads from /b/tards, along with requests for help with algebra homework from 13 year old boys. After it being made very clear that a bunch of butthurt atheists kept on whining about the mods not giving two halves of a flying fuck about /sci/ or the metric fuckton of trolling, some attention-looking fame-hungry teenager made a spinoff of /sci/, entitled SciChan. Is presently heaven on Earth for people whose favorite trolling topic is probability math.
/soc/ - Social Board. Created very early in 2011, the board's contents are 95% cancerous bullshit transferred from /b/ to attempt to cut down in 'Rate X', 'Post your area code' matchmaking threads, amongst other things. In other words, /soc/ is primarily the offspring of a half-dead /b/, in a shameless attempt to revive 4chan's flagship forum. Populated mostly by camwhores, (insert US province)fags, and anon. At one time, /soc/ was also a tripfag wonderland where a tripfag could become more popular than all others by continually whoring themselves however moot feared that someone might become more popular than him so he disabled trip ability. Now you may only namefag. WARNING: Nigger and Jew are now auto-ban words.
/sp/ - Sports board. Good luck finding a thread that isn't USA vs. Europe, or about how BAWWston sucks cocks. 18-1.
/5/ - This is a hidden board and the contents are so far beyond awesome that you would punch your dad if you saw them.
/tg/ - For the 4channer demography that so desperately needs to evade from reality, they even play tabletop RPGs (Which everybody knows are against the will of our Lord, Mudkipz, and well, just plain wrong). Posting anything other than Warhammer: 40,000, D&D, Magic: The Gathering, or elf porn will get you banned. Srsly.
/toy/ - Talk about toys with other basement dwelling dumb fucks like Jin Saotome.
/trv/ - Travel. As in outside of mom's basement. The quietest board on 4chan, obviously.
/tv/ - Obligatory television/movie board. Has strange, stalker-like obsessions with Summer Glau, Sasha Grey, and Creepy-chan (Allison Harvard), which comprise about 70% of the board's content thanks to a sad, lonely samefag. Many posters enjoy adoring Dr. James Wilson/Robert Sean Leonard from House, who has a sizable contingent of fans, most of whom are either bi-curious, gay, or girls. Supernatural fans get their wincest on, which is par for /tv/'s course.
/u/ - Yuri board. For fat men pretending to be women and 13 year old girls looking to discuss the latest chapter of their favorite worksafe cutesy romance manga.
/v/ - /b/ with vidya gaems. Populated by trolls, former GameFAQs users, former /b/tards, console fanboys, and people who masturbate to PROMOTIONS. It's a common misconception that /v/ has no mods. This is untrue; /v/ has mods, they're just a bunch of lazy niggers. They refer to themselves as /v/irgins.
/vp/ - LOL POKEMANZ. moot created this board on July 14, 2010 due to the large amount of Pokemon General threads on /v/. Overflowing with underage b&, closeted furries, and pokemon porn. BUT DON'T POST HENTAI WITHOUT A SPOILER TAG THIS IS A WORKSAFE BOARD!
/w/ - For all wallpapers anime. As can be noted by merely observing that "w" comes before "wg", the anime board must have appeared such, only strengthening the entire "Japanese are 1,000x cooler than us" mentality. The only board that lacks (well, not as much "lack" as has a decline in) this philosophy is /b/.
/wg/ - This is a general wallpaper board with things ranging from cars to girls to anime to just about anything else a teenage boy could desire yet not be able to afford, now or later in life. Also full of people too stupid to check 4scrape.
/x/ - /b/ with ghosts. Since the tragic loss of 7chan, /x/ contracted the cancer that is killing everything else and is now another /b/. ALL of the oldfags have moved to /x/ and other boards and you can't find a single oldfag on /b/ anymore. Seriously, if you post a picture of Cracky Chan nobody will recognize her there.
/y/ - This is where girls and guys masturbate over sodomy. And when they're not doing that they battle over which is hotter: guys that look like girls fucking each other or guys that would give Rambo an inferiority complex fucking each other. One of the four realms where women exist on the internet.
/yg/ - Yogurt? What the shit? (baleeted)
/z/ - The secret haven for /z/ oldfags. Go there. Right now.

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